Tuesday, July 26, 2011


here are some glimpses of where I've been lately ... by way of my list {glimpses of # 180-432}

|| the liberty of obedience, seeing another live it out
|| green tea in a green mug
|| flexible days and time to study, all given
|| clouds rolling in
|| her laughter, and what it means
|| calm puppy sleepy time
|| not-so-calm puppy sleepy time
|| that he hasn't fully destroyed the house
|| durable trim *sigh*

|| peeking blue sky
|| "the righteous will live by faith" Romans 1:17
|| the hard decisions
|| the asking for peace
|| the peace that follows humility & servanthood
|| my dancing friend
|| the pride & joy smile
|| new opportunities making clear a new path
|| bosses & supervisors that understand changes of plans
|| that He hears my heart!
|| time and adventures with friends He has called home
|| Patience - truly GIVEN -  it is NOT mine!
|| that He softens me, exchanges my stone-heart for flesh-heart... and yes, that means pain
|| fence posts like soldiers
|| tulips gracing bookshelf
|| family time, how He has unfolded it to be beautiful
|| a friend safely home & healed
|| apple pie for breakfast
|| that I am clean, His child, His friend
|| the Cross
|| a new job!
|| Oh, that He would give this to me! And that He is using me!
|| bravery, prophesied & being fulfilled in me
|| bowling parties
|| "remain in Me, and I will remain in you" John 15:4
|| surprise daffodils
|| an answer to my question... "how can I remain in You?" ... and it is to look, and see Him everywhere, this is the making of my list, gratitude, eucharisteo
|| a year later, a less excruciating sorrow
|| so much love from my Cross-family... scones, cards, kind words, God-words
|| more to give away
|| little birdie held up, and me too
|| a little friend's "I love you SOOOOO much", written in chalk on pavement
|| stuffy nose
|| the continual reminder to not rely on myself
|| "there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus"
|| that we are jewels in His crown
|| "that must be a pretty big crown!!"
|| community, being formed, and that we get to be a part of it
|| tears
|| that they are counted and kept
|| the "I know" and "I'm here" of God
|| heads held high
|| "Happy Easter" notes from little friends
|| baby nephew born healthy!
|| beach view and tide out
|| kingdom on Oprah
|| baking soda

|| lawnmower
|| enough to feed many mouths
|| oatmeal with bananas
|| "a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, his body"
                his body, broken for me
                             take, and eat
|| little rainbows on paper
|| puppy with green tongue :)
|| hot water boiling
|| even the bed He provides
|| the generosity of friends
|| little ones come, all at once, a glimpse of kingdom here on earth
|| that I could step back and see that
|| that He sees details I don't, and takes care of them
|| travel to a far-away land & airplane rides
|| clouds? ice? Greenland? ... that the guessing is okay :)
|| brave mama
|| laughter of him and her
|| cobble stone streets
|| sunshine, out to play!
|| family that cares
|| day spent as princess in a castle!
|| rain on Paris streets
|| the city of love
|| roadtrips across Europe
|| a hubby who enjoys me, and whom I enjoy!
|| laughter and jokes at 1AM, just me and him

and #433: how He has used the story of a far-away sister who I've never met to help hold me up and walk through the unthinkable

"{She} who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and {she} prepares the way so that I may show {her} the salvation of God." Psalm 50:23

May this continue to prepare the way, Lord!