Monday, February 28, 2011

on giving thanks

in joining with the many, many women practicing gratitude
inspired by her & her story
being transformed and healed through the looking...

i give you some glimpses of
my list... as it is this moment

|| evening light on water
|| a certain doggy all covered in white snowflakes
|| the leash that makes him a dream to walk and...
|| the treat that keeps him occupied

|| the knowing... how she can just know when i need an ear
|| friend time... always laughter
|| His provision in ALL things
|| a box of free apples
|| a sink full of dishes, because it means we have eaten
|| fridge full, cupboards stuffed

|| my home with him
|| deep love
|| that He teaches even through impossible seasons difficult with strife -- Yes, He teaches!

|| His peace
|| His grip on my life, on daddy's life
|| the healing that comes in the pain of reminiscing
|| "how great Thou Art"

|| the asking, "please speak to me through your Word"
|| the speaking
|| Christ the wisdom & power of God

|| the good conviction all the way through a sermon
|| a man's 'thanks so much' and what it means... a heart opening to God's people

|| "life is not an emergency" (-ann voskamp)... that I can slow...

|| black branch silhouette against cobalt skies
|| tiny twigs
|| salty beach breeze